My Approach

"As water takes whatever shape it is in, so free may you be about who you become." - John O'Donohue

 Be & Become.

I believe we all have the freedom to be and to become all that we were created for. In life, we can get "stuck" and find we'd like to go somewhere but something keeps getting in the way.  Whether it be perfectionism, unresolved trauma, anxiety, or issues with identity and relationships, psychotherapy can be like a homecoming; a path to discover who you are and who you were created to become.

My approach is grounding, restorative and practical. I work from a perspective of wholeness and understand that there are many different ways we've learned to cope with pain that lead to more unhappiness.

Most of my clients have been in therapy before but found it didn't go deep enough and they now feel ready to explore patterns and expereince true freedom. I help clients first, slow down from their busy lives to find rhythms of rest and self- compassion. I believe this to be foundational for healing.

I use a present/future focus or narrative approach, meaning, we all have stories about ourselves and others. We find meaning through the sharing of our story and being heard. Sometimes the narratives we have about ourselves and others keep us stuck. I help clients by integrating painful past stories into more helpful narratives that inform their current 'story'. I ultimately believe that YOU are the hero of your own story and that my role is that of a guide. I am not an expert of you, you are!

Practicing from a holistic view, I honor the many different ways that we can heal - be it through art, EMDR, mindfulness, or traditional talk therapy. Guided by this view I take the "whole" picture into account when we work together and look at all of the factors in your environment that contribute to your mental health.

I believe in the creative process of therapy and how that unfolds. I also hold containment and structure as part of the therapeutic journey by offering reflections, confronting unhelpful themes, helping replace lies with truths and encouraging "homework" to build off of what we encounter in session. Holding a framework for agreed upon goals can help you take the most out of your time in therapy.

My goal is to help empower you to take what you've learned in therapy and practice it in your day to day life. Through the course of our work together it is of the utmost importance to me that I hold space for who you are right now and who you are becoming, by working from the solution and not the problem. What I know for sure is that you won't always get it 'right'. However, my hope is that, as a result of our work together, you will find rhythms of rest, balance and self-compassion. Essentially, that you will find the stillness to be and the courage to become.

My Background

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of New York and a clinical fellow of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).  I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Iona College and went on to receive a Masters of Science  from Iona College's accredited Marriage and Family Therapy program. While studying for my graduate degree I was fortunate enough to train with world renowned therapist Harlene Anderson and receive training from seasoned and approved supervisors in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy.

I gained extensive experience working for the department's therapy program and for a local non-profit. My experience during my graduate program gave me a multicultural lens as well as  a foundation to work with trauma, anxiety, depression and relationship issues.

Upon graduating  with my masters degree, I taught  two part introductory courses in Psychology for Iona College's undergraduate program. I've led faith based community workshops on "safe relationships" in affiliation with Trinity Baptist Church in Manhattan. Most recently I served as a trauma therapist, working with victims of crime for Westcop (a Westchester non-profit organization). 

Services and Pricing

Individual Therapy: 50 minute session- $125.00 per session
Couples Therapy: 60 minute session- $ 175.00 per session
Family Therapy: Time is dependent on ages of family members- $ 175.00 per session

  • Children's therapy session times vary between 30-45 minutes and will be determined upon assessment.  Family follow up sessions are offered as part of children's work once per month and are included as part of the regular session fee. -$125.00 per session
  • If any of these services is of interest to you we can schedule a free 10 minute consultation to discuss options and scheduling.

I am not associated with any insurance panels and do not accept insurance at this time. Often times insurance can regulate both the length of therapy sessions and the duration of treatment.  I believe that those decisions are best left to client and therapist.  Insurance companies also typically only cover a 45 minute session, I find that time-frame (especially for families and couples work) is not enough to properly address all of the needs that come up in a typical therapy session.  Confidentiality is  another concern when working with insurance and something I hold as sacred to the therapeutic process. When working with insurance companies they have access to all case notes and the case file.  I find that sometimes that can inhibit what client's feel comfortable sharing  when discussing the most intimate details of their lives.  For those reasons I have opted to not work with insurance companies at this time.   However, I do accept out of network coverage.

  • Out of Network Coverage

What does this mean?  If your insurance plan allows for what is called 'out of network coverage', after you reach a pre-determined deductible your insurance will cover the cost of a portion of therapy sessions.  Deductibles and the portion that your insurance will cover varies according to your insurance plan.  Many plans now offer this kind of coverage so it is worth finding out if your plan does.

To find out, simply call your insurance provider and ask if you have 'out of network coverage for mental health' and if so, what your deductible allows for and what portion your insurance will pay once your deductible is reached.

If in fact you have out of network coverage I can provide invoices for your visits so that you can submit them to your insurance company and be reimbursed directly.

  • Office of Victim Services Compensation

If you are a victim of  crime in New York State and have a police report you can submit an application with The Office Of Victims Services to cover most of the cost of therapy sessions.  If approved OVS (Office of Victims Services ) can cover  the bulk of the session cost.  We can discuss this in greater detail as an option upon consultation if you qualify for OVS compensation.