I believe we all posses the inner freedom to be and to become, all that we were created to. Sometimes in life we get "stuck" and find we'd like to go somewhere but something keeps getting in the way. Whether it be unresolved trauma, anxiety, depression, issues with identity or relationships. Psychotherapy can be a wonderful path to discover who you are and who you were created to become!

My Approach

My approach is compassionate holistic and practical. I work from a present/future or narrative approach by integrating painful past stories into more helpful narratives that inform your current story! Practicing from a holistic view I honor the many different ways that we can heal; be it through art, mindfulness, or traditional talk therapy.

For clients that have a spiritual background; I can work from a faith based approach. For those that share a Christian faith we can integrate faith into our work, as spirituality can be instrumental for healing.