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Individual Therapy: 50 minute session- $150.00 per session
Couples Therapy: 60 minute session- $ 175.00 per session
Family Therapy: 60 minute session - $ 175.00 per session

  • If any of these services are of interest to you we can schedule a free 15 minute consultation because I believe that therapeutic fit, is so important to therapy outcomes.

I do not accept insurance at this time. Often times insurance can regulate both the length of therapy sessions and the duration of treatment.  I believe that those decisions are best left to client and therapist.  Insurance companies also typically only cover a 45 minute session, I find that time-frame (especially for families and couples work) is not enough to properly address all of the needs that come up in a typical therapy session.  Confidentiality is  another concern when working with insurance and something I hold as sacred to the therapeutic process. When working with insurance companies they have access to all case notes and the case file.  I find that sometimes that can inhibit what client's feel comfortable sharing  when discussing the most intimate details of their lives.  For those reasons I have opted to not work with insurance companies at this time.   However, I do accept out of network coverage.

  • Out of Network Coverage

What does this mean?  If your insurance plan allows for what is called 'out of network coverage', after you reach a pre-determined deductible your insurance will cover the cost of a portion of therapy sessions.  Deductibles and the portion that your insurance will cover varies according to your insurance plan.  Many plans now offer this kind of coverage so it is worth finding out if your plan does.

To find out, simply call your insurance provider and ask if you have 'out of network coverage for mental health' and if so, what your deductible allows for and what portion your insurance will pay once your deductible is reached.

If in fact you have out of network coverage I can provide invoices for your visits so that you can submit them to your insurance company and be reimbursed directly.