Nothing could have prepared your heart to open like this
— John O'Donohue

One of my passions is working with mothers and mothers to be. Through my own experience of pregnancy, birth and postpartum with my son, I learned a great deal about myself, the world around me, and what motherhood means. I gained insight into how our modern day culture vastly underestimates the challenges of pregnancy and motherhood. Drawing from my own experience, I want to offer services that specifically address Mom. Having both witnessed and accessed the strength and innate wisdom that I believe all mothers poses, my work helps them to journey through this sacred rite of passage and inform their intuition. From being surprised, to challenged and then ultimately empowered, I believe having the right support in place during this sacred time is not just helpful but essential.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Sessions : 

This is a total of 8 sessions and is split between pregnancy and postpartum. Four sessions during your pregnancy and four sessions during your postpartum. 

Pregnancy sessions:

Pregnancy holds many unknowns, triggering anxious thoughts, but it can also be a time of great transformation if we allow the process to unfold. Moms need a safe space to sort it all out. The end-result can be a paradigm shift from feeling that pregnancy is something to be "endured" to, rather, having an experience of true contentedness and joy. 

These sessions are designed to help Mom navigate this sacred time. Through mindfulness and psycho-education we will help turn the focus from external to internal and help Mom feel more connected to herself, her baby, and her partner (as well as her faith, if that is part of her support system).

We will touch on: birth fears, birth choices, how interventions (chosen or otherwise) can effect the postpartum experience, empowerment, visualizing the birth you want and having a support plan (and a plan for sleep, yes sleep!) in place for when baby arrives. 

The Postpartum Sessions:

These sessions are all about supporting your experience of life with a newborn. We will process your change in identity as a mother, stress to your significant relationships, and connection with your partner and self, all while loving the baby you got.   

  • I will also do an assessment for postpartum depression and discuss additional recommendations/resources as needed.

The Fourth Trimester Sessions: 

This series has four sessions and is designed solely on supporting Mom through her immediate postpartum (beginning at two weeks postpartum).

This package addresses the immediate postpartum period or as it's becoming more commonly referred to as "The Fourth Trimester". You and your baby are getting used to life outside the womb. This indeed is YOUR fourth trimester as much as your baby's. So often, once baby is born the attention and support you received throughout your pregnancy disappears and you are expected to care for yourself, your previous responsibilities and this complex little life on all your own. Combine that with changing hormones, sleep deprivation and healing your body after birth and it's no wonder so many women feel depleted and experience postpartum anxiety.

These four sessions will focus on helping you set realistic expectations of yourself, setting up practical support as well as processing the myriad of feelings that come along with motherhood. 

  • These sessions address the immediate postpartum period, if we determine that more sessions are needed for additional support throughout the full postpartum period (which is really the first year +!) we will plan for and discuss this. 
  • I will also do an assessment for postpartum depression and discuss additional recommendations/resources as needed.

Healing Your Birth Story: 

This series includes three sessions.

Along with birth comes many unknowns. Whether you had the flowing birth you dreamed of, a traumatic experience, or you're struggling with guilt over your birth not going as you planned, the minute your child was born their birth had a story. That story deserves to be shared, heard and validated. These three sessions will do you just that. By using a narrative approach and creative expression, we will explore hidden resources, seek to gain healing to the parts of your story that are unheard or difficult to process, and find a meaningful way to story the birth of your child. 

  • Please note, these sessions are designed to create and share your birth narrative. If, through your child's birth, you experienced trauma and longer processing is required we can explore adding more sessions and using Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) as a treatment modality.