Motherhood Therapy Group


Grow Where You're Planted

Motherhood is a rite of passage meant to be shared in community and with support. Yet so often, once baby is born, Mom is no longer the focal point and the transformation that occurred goes unsupported or unnoticed. This group is a way to create a space where mothers can process the many postpartum experiences that come along with Motherhood.

We intentionally designed our group to be supportive and picked specific topics that affect the postpartum period in a profound way, if they are left unacknowledged.  Together, through our experience working with many postpartum Moms and families, we hope to speak to the parts of motherhood that often get overlooked or minimized. 

Topics Include: 

  • Relationships + Communication
  • Feeding: Bottle or Breast
  • Birth + Identity
  • Bonding

This four-week long group, meeting weekly, will help you connect with yourself, your baby, your partner and other mothers. You will also learn how to cope with the highs, the lows and the many changes that come along with motherhood. We welcome all babies (0-6 months or preferably before crawling).

The group is also an affordable way to engage with therapy, because for the price of slightly more than one individual 50 minute therapy session, you get four 90 minute sessions, covering much more ground than we could ever address in just one session,  plus the benefit of communal support. 

Space is limited so reserve your spot!

Elizabeth M. Nigro MS., LMFT- Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a practice in Tuckahoe, NY, serving predominantly women and mothers. She is Mom to a bouncy one-year old boy who keeps her on her toes and constantly in awe. Being a Mom is in her book the hardest job in the whole world but in the best possible way. She considers herself a birth and postpartum junkie + advocate!

 Maggie Rosenfeld, MA, MHCBirth + Postpartum Doula - Birth and Postpartum Doula serving families in the tri-state area as they journey into parenthood. She was raised in a family with five adopted siblings from different ethnic, racial and gender expressions. Her upbringing bred a loving passion for the uniqueness each family holds. She lives for REAL conversations about labor, birth, postpartum and evolving family units. She loves to share embraces and conversations over tea. 

To sign up email:

For additional information, please call: 914.205.6161


Sign up by 5/21/18 for $160 or by 5/28/18 for $180

Includes all four 90 minute sessions